Booking Policy

Balance of trip prior to boarding
Balance must be paid in full 2 days prior to trip if paying by credit card.  Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order if paying balance the day of the trip.

Cancellation Policy
If cancellation is needed due to inclement weather and re-booking is not an option a full refund of money paid will be given.  Cancellations by customer less than 20 days in advance of trip forfeit deposit.  All cancellations greater than 20 days in advance are subject to a $40.00 processing fee that will be deducted from the deposit refund.

Boarding Policy
The Captain reserves the right to cancel the trip or deny boarding the vessel If he deems you are intoxicated, ALL money paid will be forfeited.  We adhere to zero drug tolerance and hard liquor is not allowed on the boat.

We abide by all State and Federal Fish and Game regulations.

NOTE: Due to drastic fuel price increases, a Fuel Surcharge may be added.


18' Carolina Skiff In-shore Adventures

In-Shore Fishing

Fishing for: Sea Trout, Red Fish, Tripletail,

Sharks, Rays, Flounder, Tarpon & More!!

 Tide Contingent Fishing Adventure
Days - Low Incoming Tide
Nights - High Outgoing Tide
4 Hours 1-2 People $350.00 As of 7/7/2016
3 People $400.00
Trips can easily be extended to 6 Hours
1-2 People $420.00
3 People $470.00

Flounder Gigging and Rod & Reel Fishing
1-2 people - 4 hours  $350.00 as of 7/27/16
3 People $400.00 as of 7/27/16
This is a NIGHT trip only.
Not available during Full Moon or High Tide

Dolphin and Tidal Creek Adventures

Exploring the tidal creeks of Georgia is a

breathtaking experience with perks... Dolphin!

Bring your camera and be prepared to be amazed.  Birding

opportunities include Pelican, Egret, Blue Herring, Turns,

Osprey & more!!

4 Passengers 3 Hours - $315.00

Skiff Dolphin Tours - 1 to 1 1/2 hour tour departing every 2 hours.  7AM to 7PM  7 days a week.  Maximum 6 persons, total passenger weight cannot exceed 800 lbs., children under 2 are included in the headcount.  LEAVE THE CROWD BEHIND ~ Your Private & Personal tour allows you the experience of seeing bottle nose dolphin swimming in their natural habitat! 

Adults $20.00

Children 12 and Under $10.00

Children 2 and under FREE